Terms & conditions / registration policy

  • The marathon package includes up to ~40h of dancing with 5-7 DJ sets as well as fruits, snacks, cakes, varity of fruit juices, coffee, tea and water throughout the marathon.

  • Sunday evening afterparty is included!

  • The location features 300m2 of wooden dance floor, professional sound and aircondition.

  • The participants will be gender balanced.
    A maximum of 250 participants will be confirmed.

  • Access to the event is granted only to confirmed particpants. Without completed registration process and a confirmed place participation is not possible!

  • Only the full event can be booked. No single evening tickets will be available!

  • Registrations are only accepted through the registration form on the website. Registration is possible as single leader or single follower. However, registering with a partner helps us to keep the balance between leaders and followers and would be very much appreciated. It is not possible to change a couple registration to a single registration.

  • Main acceptance criteria is balancing event participants! Things we take into consideration are time of registration, gender balance, singles or couples, countries and cities, familiar and new faces.

  • Registration procedures:
    • Fill in the form. If you’re registering as a couple, each partner has to fill in the form separately and name the other as his/her partner.
    • We try to reply within 14 days.
    • With confirmation of the registration request payment details will be given allowing 14 days time to issue the payment. We will not send reminders! Your spot may be lost and given away if your payment is not received within 14 days. Payments prior to our notification can not be accepted. 
    • Please take care of possible transfer fees. Any money transaction fees have to be paid in addition to the full-pass price. (SEPA transfers from Switzerland will cause ~12,- EUR fees!)
    • Payments for couples – registrations with a partner – should be done as a single transaction. Confirmation can be sent only when the amount for both participants has been received in full.
    • Having received the transfer in full and in time your participation will be confirmed.
    • There is no claim for refund for booked marathon places. Note that places are personal and cannot be transferred to other persons without prior consent of the organisers. In case of emergencies a refund request can be submitted until one month before the event.

  • By registering to this event you accept the ‘house rules’ of the event venue. Persons can be expelled from the event and the house in case of dangerous, disrespectful or disturbing behaviour.