27. - 29.11.2015


Louis Braille Saal, Hägelingasse 4-6, 1140 Vienna


200 Dancers


7 DJs

VCTM what you can expect

Excellent international DJs combined with a superb sound system will create the right base for an exceptional marathon experience.

Good food, good mood meals will be tasty and generous. Not only will there be adequate choice for every preference (normal, vegetarian, vegan); after midnight we’ll serve a warm soup as well as snacks throughout the day and night that will provide you with the energy to dance until the last tanda. Check out our included catering!

Perfect wooden dance floor of 300 m² for a smooth dance flow.

Organised by friends for friends we love tango and organise this event purely to remedy our and your addiction (better said the withdrawal syndromes) – you will feel this!

Vienna before Christmas as an addicted marathon dancer you probably won’t have the time to take advantage of this anyway – but at the marathon date Vienna’s famous Christmas markets will be waiting for you to be discovered. So maybe if your schedule allows, plan one day more to visit the city.

Vienna Calling Tango Marathon, 27 – 29 November 2015

Our DJs will make us dance day and night away

High energy tandas, keeping with the heartbeat of the milonga.

Event Location

Louis Braille Haus
Hägelingasse 4-6
1140 Vienna, Austria


How to arrive
Location: Louis Braille Saal

Accommodation in case you need a little nap

VCTM partner hotel:

Hotel Klimt
Felbigergasse 58
A-1140 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 914 55 65

about 15 mins from marathon venue (2 stops by tram 49, nightbus N49)

Special VCTM-conditions:

  • Single room: 44€ per night.
  • Double room: 65€ per night.
  • 3-bed room: 80€ per night.
  • 4-bed room: 85€ per night.
  • 5-bed room: 90€ per night.
  • Apartment for 4 persons: 135€ per night.
  • Apartments for 4-5 persons (side building): 125€ per night.
  • Breakfast: 4€ per person and day


Please book directly with Hotel Klimt and let them know the promo-code “Vienna Calling Tango Marathon” in order to benefit from special prices and late breakfast option!

VCTM partner apartments:


Vacation Rental Studio Melange Vienna

Vacation Rental Melange 1 Vienna

Vacation Rental Melange 2 Vienna


Dreyhausenstraße 18
1140 Vienna

mobile: +43 699 1666 0800


Please book directly with Easyapartments and let them know the promo-code “Vienna Calling Tango Marathon” in order to benefit from special conditions!

Price & Registration become part of Vienna Calling Tango Marathon

Full Pass


40hs of dancing
7 DJs
2 x brunch & 2 x dinner & 2 x midnight soup
Snacks, fruits, drinks all day
Friendly hosts day & night ;-)

Contact Us any questions?

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Your VCTM-Team:
Michael, Christian, Marion, Helmut, Bernhard
contact phone for urgent inquiries:
Bernhard, +4369919134442

Terms & Conditions registration policy

  • In order to be able to organize catering and gender balance for this tango marathon registration is mandatory. Only the full event can be booked. There are no single evening tickets available! Without completed registration process and a confirmed place participation is not possible!

  • The marathon package of 110,- EUR includes 40h of dancing with 7 DJ sets (after party included) as well as non alcoholic drinks and food throughout the marathon. Meals include 2 dinners, 2 late night soups, 2 brunches plus snacks, cakes & fruits all day and night. Optionally dinner for the after party can be booked.

  • Registrations are only accepted through the registration form on the website, no sooner than 1 September 2015, 12:00 noon. The marathon will be gender balanced. Registration is possible as single leader, single follower or with a partner (recommended). Acceptance criteria are diversity in country provenances, balance of familiar and new faces as well as the registration order.

  • Registration procedures:
    1.) Fill in the form. If you’re registering as a couple, each partner has to fill in the form separately and name the other as his/her partner.
    2.) After receiving the confirmation of your acceptance, please direct the money transfer within 10 days (make sure to cover possible transaction fees).
    3.) Having received the participation fee on our account, we’ll send you a 2nd confirmation which guarantees your place. In case you registered as a couple the confirmation is only granted if we have received the participation fee from both partners. If we don’t receive the money within the given delay you will lose your reservation.

  • There is no claim for refund for booked marathon places. Note that places are personal and cannot be transferred to other persons without prior consent of the organisers.

  • By registering to this event you accept the ‘house rules’ of the event venue. We hope never to make use of the following lines – but we reserve the right to exclude people from the event any time in case of dangerous, disrespectful or disturbing behaviour.