17 - 19 November 2023


Louis Braille Saal, Hägelingasse 4-6, 1140 Vienna


250 Dancers

Registration start

7.7.2023, 23:00h

What is VCTM and is it for you?

We like to invite a group of gender balanced, international, friendly tango dancers who could appreciate and enjoy a weekend full of tango dancing together. Our ideas we want you to share with us for this weekend:

  • Level: Experienced, open minded, easy going dancers
  • Invitation: Socializing and “Cabeceo” friendly
  • Ronda: Respectful dancing with partner & surrounding dancers
  • Style: Closed or open embrace, one or multiple tandas
  • Stamina: Be prepared to dance a lot and until late night
  • Location setup: Socializing area for chat and cabeceo, large dancing area for one or multiple tandas

VCTM what you can expect

Excellent international DJs combined with a superb sound system will create the right base for an exceptional marathon experience.

Brunch to get you started into the afternoon.

Free flowing bar – get your alcoholic drink whenever you feel like it for free

Extensive warm and cold snack buffet throughout day and night will provide you with the energy to dance until the last tanda.

Free coffee, tea and variety of fruit juice to keep you hydrogenated.

Aircondition to catch your breath.

Mixed crowd of tango friends to chat, dance and socialize with.

Vienna Calling Tango Marathon Video Trailer by Stefan Ludwig

VCTM 2023 - 10th Anniversary Spring Edition

96 Hours of VCTM in 240 Seconds

And.. a taste of a very special city..

Check out this fantastic video introducing our wonderful city to you!

Our DJs will make us dance day and night away

Elegance and sheer intensity - Let the pleasure grow and flow in the heart of the dancefloor.

High energy tandas, keeping with the heartbeat of the milonga.

More energy, more fire!!

Consistent with a character - and also plays great music.

VCTM Program - the VCTM schedule

Friday, Nov. 17 – Welcome day

21:00 – 24:00   Welcome desk – Check-in

21:00 – 22:00   Meet & greet

21:00 – ~03:00   WELCOME MILONGA DJ Balazs Gyenis (HUN)

01:00 – 02:00   Warm snack


Saturday, Nov. 18 – The destroy-the-pista day

13:00 – 14:00   Good morning & brunch snack

14:00 – 20:00   AFTERNOON MILONGA DJ Carlo Carcano (IT)

16:00 – 18:00   Cake and hot punch

20:00 – 22:00   Dinner break

(Dinner is not included at the location. Check out partner restaurant Kent!)

22:00 – ~04:00   SATURDAY NIGHT MILONGA DJ Benjamin Lee (KOR)

01:30 – 02:30   Warm snack


Sunday, Nov. 19 – The final day

13:00 – 14:00   Good morning & brunch snack

13:00 – 19:00   SUNDAY AFTERNOON MILONGA DJ Asya Moiseeva (FR/RU)

16:30   VCTM Team – Thank you, group picture & surprise snack!

19:00 – 21:00   Dinner break

(Dinner is not included at the location. Check out partner restaurant Kent!)

21:00 – ~02:00   VCTM Sunday After Party DJ Sasa Vukelic (HR)

Stay with us and celebrate this 11th VCTM Edition together with some local dancers in relaxed athmosphere!

Event Location where the dances take place..

Event Location

Louis Braille Haus
Hägelingasse 4-6
1140 Vienna, Austria

How to arrive

Price & Registration become part of Vienna Calling Tango Marathon

Full Pass (Regular)


33hs of dancing
5 DJs
Brunch, warm and cold snacks, fruit juice, coffee & tea included
All-Inclusive Bar – free flow alcoholic drinks included!
Friendly hosts day & night ;-)

Full Pass (Student)


For students under the age of 29!
33hs of dancing – 5 DJs
Brunch, warm and cold snacks, fruit juice, coffee & tea included
All-Inclusive Bar – free flow alcoholic drinks included!
Let’s party!

Accommodation in case you need a nap

Our VCTM partner hotel:

Hotel Klimt
Felbigergasse 58
A-1140 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 914 55 65

about 15 mins from marathon venue (2 stops by tram 49, nightbus N49)

Special VCTM-conditions:

Single room: 65 € /night

Double room (Single booking): 70 € / night

Double room: 75 € / night

Family room for 2 persons: 85 € / night

Three bed room: 90 € / night

4-bed room: 80€ / night

5-bed room: 100 € / night

Apartments for up to 4 people: 90,- € (1 person), 100,- € (2 persons), 110,- € (3 persons) / night

Breakfast: 9 € / person and day

Please book directly with Hotel Klimt and let them know the promo-code “TANGO” in order to benefit from the special prices and late breakfast option!


Hotel Klimt booking contact

Dinner Recommendation to add new energy

Our Dinner Recommendation:

Meet other VCTM participants and enjoy a delicious dinner on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening at:

Restaurant Kent
Hütteldorferstr. 117
1140 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 786 62 74

Just a couple of walking minutes away from our event location!
(across the underground station U3 Hütteldorf)

Free mixed starters as special VCTM-treat!
(see details in your welcome info!)

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