17-19 November 2017


Louis Braille Saal, Hägelingasse 4-6, 1140 Vienna


250 Dancers


7 DJs

VCTM / what you can expect

Excellent international DJs combined with a superb sound system will create the right base for an exceptional marathon experience.

Extensiv snack buffet, free coffee, tea and variety of fruit juices throughout day and night will provide you with the energy to dance until the last tanda.

Perfect wooden dance floor of 300 m² for a smooth dance flow.

Vienna before Christmas as an addicted marathon dancer you probably won’t have the time to take advantage of this anyway – but at the marathon date Vienna’s famous Christmas markets will be waiting for you to be discovered. So maybe if your schedule allows, plan one day more to visit the city.

Vienna Calling Tango Marathon, 18 to 20 November 2016

VCTM 2016 Motion picture / Video made by Stefan Ludwig

Vienna Calling Tango Marathon 2016 Trailer

And.. / a taste of a very special city..

Check out this fantastic video introducing our wonderful city to you!

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