Dinner break options

We would love to have dinner all together at the location, but since this is not an option any more we would like to recommend interesting restaurants in Vienna where you can find different local specialities.

We are going to have plenty of snacks at the marathon location. If you are on a budget we are happy to provide you with any snack we have on stock at the location.

We have arranged a special deal with our partner restaurant Kent! Make your table reservation, mention promo-code “TANGO” and benefit from a free starter plate per 4 persons! (Dinner is not included in VCTM-pass. Our Spring Edition may be at the same time of Ramadan, which means that the restaurant may be very busy from 20h-21h on.)

Alternatively we have put together recommendations situated in the city center which can be reached from the marathon location easily by metro U3 (to Stephansplatz).

Partner Restaurant Kent VCTM Special Deal with promo-code TANGO

Partner Restaurant Kent (walking distance)

We have arrange a special deal with restaurant Kent:
Every table of 4 persons will get a mixed starter plate for free! Please make your table reservation and mention promo-code “TANGO”!

Kent is a well-known turkish restaurant in Vienna having several locations all over Vienna, one of it being close to our marathon location. (5 min walk)

Hütteldorfer Str. 117
1140 Wien

phone: +43 1 7866274


Other Recommendations restaurants, cafés, Würstelstände,..

Trattoria La Sicilia  (walking distance)

A very good and authentic Italien restaurant run by an Italien family. The food is very good, but your order may take a while – don’t be in a rush when going there.

Sampogasse 13
1140 Wien

+43 (1) 78 96 345

Tue. – Sun. 18:00h – 23:30h


Restaurant Sunny (walking distance, about 2 tram stops)

A Chinese restaurant still in walking distance. We don’t know it yet, but it seems to offer decent Chinese cuisine. There is another one on the way (RISE), but we’d rather recommend this one. Anyway if you tried one of them please let us know your feedback.


Kienmayergasse 2
1140 Wien

+43 1 985 99 00

Tue.-Sun. 11.00 to 15.00 and 17.30 to 23.00


Restaurant Plachutta

One of the most famous Austrian dishes besides of Wiener Schnitzel is “Tafelspitz”. And the most famous place to have Tafelspitz is the restaurant Plachutta. They have three locations in Vienna, one situated in the city center easily accessable by a short walk from Stephansplatz. It is recommended to place a reservation. You will enjoy this experience.


Wollzeile 38
1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 512 15 77

Daily (Kitchen closes):    11.30 am to 12 midnight (11.15 pm)


Restaurant Figlmüller

Figlmüller is situated in the city center and most known for its super sized Wiener Schnitzel (pork). Funny enough it’s not what Viennese would consider as a proper original Wiener Schnitzel which is smaller and made from veal (You can find a typical original Wiener Schnitzel at almost every decent Viennese Café). But it’s very tasty nonetheless and the accompanying potato-field salat is one of the best. Be aware: Figlmüller does not accept reservations and there is a queue of people waiting almost all the time.


Bäckerstrasse 6
1010 Vienna

+43 1 512 17 60

Open daily 11:30 – 23:30
Kitchen daily 11:30 – 22:30


Café Landmann – the sophisticated one

Vienna is famous for its beautiful Cafés. There are plenty of them in various styles – from fancy to not so fancy. We picked Café Landmann as one of the more fancy ones. Beautiful location situated next to the Rathaus (townhall, featuring the largest christmas market in front of it) and Burgtheater – all things worth to be seen. You can have fancy coffee, cake, breakfast and dinner there. It’s on the pricey side, but worth the experience. Other Cafés like that could be Café Central (queue of people) (https://www.cafecentral.wien/) or Café Schwarzenberg. (http://www.cafe-schwarzenberg.at/en/)


Universitätsring 4
1010 Wien

+43 1 24 100-120

daily 07:30h – 24:00h


Café Hawelka – the famous one

Café Hawelka managed to become one of the most famous Cafés for tourists. Almost everybody has heared or read something about Café Hawelka. Viennese go there too, but it’s not our first choice most of the time. It’s super small, it has a special atmosphere and is famous for a desert called “Buchteln” which becomes available late at night. Buchteln were originally made and served by Josefine Hawelka who run the Café for almost 70 years together with Leopold Hawelka. They invented the idea to put event posters on the wall, something you can find in several Cafés since then. You pay a bit for the profile. Viennese might prefer Café Alt Wien as alternative of this type of Café. (http://www.kaffeealtwien.at/ )


Dorotheergasse 6
1010 Wien

+43 1 512 82 30

daily until 24h


Café Prückel – the one locals go to

After the fancy and the famous/special ones there are plenty of Cafés Viennese like to go on a daily base. We picked Café Prückel as one of them. It is situated next to the restaurant Plachutta and can be reached by a short walk from Stephansplatz, or metro Stubentor. If Viennese want to meet for a chat, or discussing business it’s very likely to get together in a place like that. It’s large enough to find a place, it offers perfect value for money, you can read a book over a cup of coffee for 5 hours, you can have delicious dinner (including an original Wiener Schnitzel) and with a bit of luck experience a grumpy Viennese waiter. Another Café of similar type, but complete different look is very near by called Café Engländer (http://www.cafe-englaender.com/)


Stubenring 24 (Luegerplatz)
1010 Wien

+43-1-512 61 15 12

Daily 8.30 – 22h



And finally the “Würstelstände”. You may find small streetfood huts offering sausages all over Vienna. Some operate all night long. One of the most typical sausages you may want to try is called “Käsekrainer”. It’s a rather thick sausage with bits of cheese in it. It comes with a slice of bread, ketchup and mustard (sweet or spicy).

Well-known ones would be at Stephansplatz (you pass by walkgin from Stephansplatz to Café Hawelka), or next to Albertina (back side of Staatsoper and near to Hotel Sacher – which is the place to try the original Sacher chocolate cake btw.)